The Saturday Symphony #27. April Edition. “Tree Bliss”

The Saturday Symphony #27. April Edition. “Tree Bliss”

Hey everyone,
Welcome to the 27th edition of The Saturday Symphony. This is a monthly feature with its roots in giving back to the blogging community.
You can peruse previous editions HERE

I hope you’re strapped in because this month we have treats ranging from wholesome featured posts, to a most remarkable array of submissions from last month’s ponderous thought, and most sumptuously of all, we have TREES! Lots of trees. Amazing trees. Oh, and lots of poetry as well.
Let’s dive straight in.

These realities, only nature can dream
Hope that sprouts from deepest darkest depths
A recluse for those with the will to find it
Do you not see what I see?
Will your eyes not feast upon this visage?
Lonely with beauty
Proud to have defied
Willow of Wanaka

The lonely Willow tree on Lake Wanaka in New Zealand.
It takes quite a hike to reach it, but it’s all so worth it.

April’s Five featured posts.

Just when I finish a book, the first thought is well.. time to write the review. The start is uncomfortable for me because even though you write your honest thoughts…

Writing a book review by Deeksha Bhardwaj

The flowers know. Mother knows. And what do they know? That All is…

Now by Amy Rose Photography

When lmaginations lose to Celetials…

Shadows by Uniz Bissie

This is the story of a certain intelligent species in the Chroma Key Galaxy. Unfortunately, they weren’t intelligent enough…

Absurdis Extreme by unbolt me

Like each season offers us something new, books do the same thing. Taking us on an exciting journey into the unknown…

Books that changed me by D.L. Finn

Beneath an Angel’s wings
I recall that which is most sacred
Where light sprinkles down like soft heavenly laughter
Cleansing and refreshing
Where to reach for those in need
Is not to exhaust oneself, but rather to grow
To become a playground for soulful emotions
And a canopy that protects.
Angel oak
Grow, won’t you grow.

Angel Oak on John’s Island Charlestone.
Its dense canopy covers over 17200 square feet.


This month, pick a tree and write about it. It can be one you have visited, or one you have only seen in media, or one with special significance or sentiment to your life, even one from childhood. As an added bonus for your readers(and me), let us know how that tree makes you feel.

You can use art, any form of writing or media.
Pingback to this post and drop a link in the comments so I can visit, and feature you in next month’s symphony.

My jaw drops; I forget to swallow
Eyes bulge; I forget to blink
Heart skips a beat; the soul oggles.
If you told me this were heaven I’d believe you
For this beauty be divine
oh Wisteria in the park
How I swoon
How I try to woo thee
Yet each time I’m rendered speechless
And each time you watch aloof
Knowing how beautiful you are

Famous Wisteria tree in Ashikaga, Japan.
Alive since the Meiji era.
Its pulchritudinous foliage covers roughly half an acre.

March’s ponderous submissions; “In between the lines”

It was here that I fell in love with you
And it was here when my heart got broken in two

(Wasn’t I?) Special by Maria Michaela

Gertie Simple was tired of goodbyes. While she did miss all of her husbands… She was never one to take any man too seriously,

Safe in the woods by Jules Paige

devotion blurred with passion~ adoring moments yet to be embraced~ the spirit of love grace’s hesitant

The way we were by Eugenia

every word spoken~ every little act you’ve done~ creeps in like nightmare

Hurt by Weng

I loved you~ with all my heart~ and soul~ but maybe~ I don’t know how to connect

and express my love.

A Pit of Despair by Jane Aguiar

Love is not easy~ It demands perfection~ It needs sacrifices

In between the lines- Love by Sadje

Thank you all for your submissions. If it weren’t for the trees, your amazing posts would be my favourite part of this month’s feature. I really enjoyed them and read all more than once.

Sacred Banyan
enigma of mysticism
The origin of many awakenings
The root of countless mysteries
You ask how much a tree can give
I say;
More than you can imagine!

Banyan tree, Bermuda.
Banyan trees send roots down from their branches into the ground, allowing them to spread laterally for long distances. There are even more famous Banyan trees in India and South America.

As I stare up the Madagascan Baobabs
I recall their fire resistant Barks
Their drought resilient nature
And I marvel
For if love is a two-way street then this must be love
Trees and We
Their lives in our hands
and ours in theirs
Root, branch and leaf!

The Iconic Baobab trees along a dirt road called the Avenue of the Baobabs in Morondava, Madagascar.

Fun teaser;
The Gifted in my debut novel Realms of the Mist, travel long distances in a short time through different special trees. They send messages written on leaves to one another between trees of the same species. Intrigued? You can get yourself a copy HERE

It took me almost five hours to write this, but I was smiling all through.
That’s just what trees do to me.
There are so many wondrous trees on this blue-green(though fading in shade) planet of ours,
that I feel I must apologise for using only five samples in this symphony.
However, another wondrous thing about trees is that they need not be unique or majestic to be special.
The most ordinary of trees can be most special to us in different ways;

Like these fledgling teak trees beside which I wrote quite a chunk of my debut novel. At the time I was struggling with writer’s block and they soothed it out of me. How cool is that?


this 150yr old Japanese wisteria really does things to me.

Remember to protect the trees around you. They are so easy to care for, just make sure you have a rake handy for those leaves.
Also, no matter how little, support the cause for world forests that are being exploited just to make someone rich.
And lastly, the best way to love trees in our time is to plant them. So let’s each plant more than we are doing currently.

I hope you enjoy this. Can’t wait for your ponderous thought submissions and I look forward to engaging in the comments. This feature after all is meant for interaction.

copyright judeitakali

P.S I’m putting this up today(Friday) instead of Saturday because I do have tests tomorrow and the weekend may sweep me to where I cannot post. Otherwise I’ll repost through the weekend when or if I can.

My debut novel available on Lulu

Stay safe everyone, Stay loving.

43 responses to “The Saturday Symphony #27. April Edition. “Tree Bliss””

  1. Oh… how delightful. I love trees too! Good luck on your exams.
    I hope I can write something today as tomorrow, well the weekend will be busy with spring holidays.

    I got to meet our new ‘twins’ yesterday. They are doing well thank you. I hope to see them again Sunday morning.

    I may not write about this one tree. But I have watch one willow grow for 30 odd years – I brought it home in my stationwagon (at the time) and planted her down by the creek. She is old but she still has life!

    Oh… so many thoughts on wonderful trees…

    Be well everyone ~ and for whatever spring holidays you celebrate may they be joyous and full of love. ~Jules

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Beautiful edition, Jude! I, too, love trees, and you have posted some beauties! My favorite is the willow tree. I have always felt a connection to them, which is why I included them as an intricate part of my series. I also included the Chinese wisteria because they are just so majestic. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. What a wondrous post, Jude, and thank you for the mention. I love trees and the tree right off our balcony is finally donning bright green leaves. I am delighted every year when this large tree shows signs of life since it grows where there is barely any ground.

    Your images and poems are stunning and I love the new look of your blog.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much Eugi. I really struggled to find any images that can do all trees justice but I was happy with these. I hope you’ll write about that tree for the next edition.

      Liked by 1 person

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