Dark themes we do not see #MentalAwareness

Dark themes we do not see #MentalAwareness

This may not be the happiest post you come across today,
but it is one with the potential for happiness.
The key lies at the end…

Dark themes we do not see
Before our eyes, yet out of mind
“Each time you wake, You are different!”

She blames the world
It did this to her!
Each night she weeps for who she once was
And who she once loved
For when those dark days ended,
the world that watched and did nothing, told her to move on!
Long has she feared what dwells in her mirrors
Long has she known what stirs within her soul;
The mirth in her laughter
The satire of her voice
And the spite in her heart
Slowly it dawns upon her what she is becoming
She stares into the mirror
She does not see her beautiful façade
Instead, she sees the monster her world has made…
Do not expect her sympathy, lest you receive cruelty instead!

Fate spreads fortune’s cards
And some begin, where others dream to end
Dark themes we do not see

A cig on his nightstand
Syringe on the cracked floor
pills to numb the stench of failure
He is dredged in squalor and does not know how he got there
Or how to escape.
Time and again he tries the right way
but the world despises those of his kind
And resolve is hard to come by in the trenches
Fate has pinned him in the gutters
only allowing for a taste
of what is not meant to be
What he truly wants
And what he’ll do anything to get!

Drink, yell, punch
The story of a childhood home
Dark themes we do not see

The teddy from mother lies in the corner of her apartment
It frightens her, and yet she has kept it all these years
She does not touch, nor clean it.
‘Let it hold the filth of her secret,’ she thinks
let its stains of her mother’s blood remind her-
of the lies told to protect a father turned murderer
A father who constantly blamed his souring marriage on her birth.
For she will always believe it was her fault
But she will never forgive her father
She will never forgive anyone!

To think he once belonged to something bigger
Only to be betrayed!
Dark themes we do not see

Born with the voice of angels
he sang heavenly praise to his maker
until the preacher who’d guided and taught him-
touched and abused.
He cannot remember the details
but at all times he feels them
They scrape in his subconscious
sewing at the bars that imprison his trauma
He wonders why he is always alone
why he cannot keep friend nor lover
For he does not realize
some wounds do not leave scars, and yet never stop hurting
And always he thinks it his fault
for being unable to trust!


These themes, most ignore,
only a few acknowledge,
and barely anyone is willing to associate with them.
For we deem them undesirable
and forget that it takes but a moment
for our entire worlds to change.
And trauma festers with time, if unresolved.

An activist recently told me that if I did not know anyone deeply affected by some kind of trauma, then I just did not care enough(emotionally) for the people in my life. While there is much to debate on this statement, it is worth searching ourselves honestly before doing so. After that, the first key(among many) is understanding, acceptance and compassion.

Stay safe everyone, stay loving.

47 responses to “Dark themes we do not see #MentalAwareness”

    • it’s definitely better than ignoring. but understanding means our help is not superficial, and we don’t tire with continuous bad receptions. If you support sm1 addicted to drugs with money, they’ll just buy more drugs. but if you take them somewhere nice and buy them a full meal every so often, it might be better

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    • Thank you for this. Most people do recover from Trauma very quickly after experiencing it if they talk o partners, family and friends, like witnessing a horrible accident, or surviving one. But the people I’m referring to here are mostly those who have lived with it for so long and have developed defense or coping mechanisms which are usually detrimental to them or others. Such types of trauma should become significant to you if you care about someone.

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  1. Well done Jude. You tackled this subject head on! There’s no pretty-ing it up. Some of us are broken and don’t even realize it. A good ear and empathy is the key. A thoughtful post.


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  2. A powerful and well-written piece on a very difficult subject, Jude! Those on the outside looking in don’t understand the trauma one goes through. Years of abuse or addiction take their toll and leave permanent mental scars. I can relate because of what my mother went through. It is real and dangerous and very sad.

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    • It is Eugi. Thank you for appreciating. Maybe sometime you can tell me about your mother’s situation. Incidentally, this was going to be the theme for the next symphony but I put it on ice, maybe next year when the saturday symphony has proved to be a safe place.


  3. The many faces of trauma that you painted offer us the constant unwavering colour of pain… but only those who are willing to hold your hand, and delve with you into that agony, even when you show a brave smile, or a mind-your-own-business look is a friend indeed…!

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