The Saturday Symphony #28 May Edition “Finding”

The Saturday Symphony #28 May Edition “Finding”

Hey everyone,
Welcome to the 28th edition of The Saturday Symphony. This is a monthly feature with its roots in giving back to the blogging community.
Let’s dive right in.

If we look, we may yet see what’s in front of us
If we listen, we may yet hear that which is hidden
And if we stop
For a breath
and a sigh
To center our minds
and open our hearts
Then we may truly find
The things we have never sought
yet so desperately need.

This month, I hope we can finish reading this feature and be the tinniest bit more able to find that something. That we can accept to open ourselves to the goodness which often awaits anyone who prepares for it.
But first;

May’s featured posts

Derwentwater’s oaken shore// gives onto waters, crystal pure// or so they were, now marred with foam…

Seedhead hope song by Ingrid.

I’ll discuss why I choose to obsess over poetry…

why I write poetry by Alina Happy Hansen

Kindness can take courage// When the world can be cruel…Kindness can take honesty// And challenge your views…

Kindness by Caley

Click the citation links to read full posts.

Stories read by father, books found by mother
The seeds of passion
Child-to-work days and work-to-child holidays
Sharing life with another
All the pains of failure
and the encouragement of success…
Institutions and interactions
Friendships, love and family
Heartbreak and grief
That thing is always there round that bend
we need only to look
For the scales of balance
Are often tipped by hope
and perspective


This month, share about anything precious that you or anyone you know, have found but were never looking for.

You can use art, any form of writing or media.
Pingback to this post and drop a link in the comments so I can visit, and feature you in next month’s symphony.

Clink Clink, fate shakes fortune’s coins
A gold one for her
Silver for him
And bronze for us each
Different in value
but same in potential
For what is it you truly value?
The thing you need most
To find what you desire…
Clink Clink, fate shakes fortune’s coins
Tossed like treasure upon our paths
Will you not help me find mine?

April’s Ponderous submissions “Tree Bliss”

I was about six feet tall when I was brought// To my forever home// barely a twig with some leaves…

Storied willows by Jules

life’s ado not me// harried hoi polloi driven// to the nth degree…

away from the daily grind by Eugi

For the ceremony// a pylon of your leaves is hung on the door

Kalpavriksha by Jane

Thank you all for your submissions. I really couldn’t get enough of those trees.

What turns strangers to dear ones?
What fractures the bonds set in stone?
What heals and yet can wound?
Could it be
This willingness to help another to find?


I hope you enjoy this. My apologies for being a few days late. Can’t wait for your ponderous-thought submissions and I look forward to engaging in the comments. This feature after all is meant for interaction.

I’m still caught up with exams till end of May but I’ll fleet in and out here whenever possible.

Stay safe everyone, Stay loving.

42 responses to “The Saturday Symphony #28 May Edition “Finding””

  1. Wishing you success on your exams!
    It is hard for me to believe that my grandson is graduating 6th grade!

    And then life is just starting for my great nephews just months old!!
    Thank you for poetry, your sharing and caring!! (((Hugs)))

    Liked by 1 person

      • Enjoy every stage – time seems to go swiftly when you least expect it 🙂

        There were times that I didn’t enjoy my education… and other times when I did more than what was required.

        Some keys of living are to enjoy different things, learn from mistakes, and love life 🙂


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