Alone, not lonely. #Symetrelle #poetry

Eugi’s weekly

Alone but never lonely

In the shadows, watching rays so bright
Afraid to be seen, entwined with night

Isn’t it enough to feel all emotions
but only stay intimate with own passions
To care when needed but hoard all devotion
Embracing within, answers to my questions

Seen reflections of what could, and might
The things only I can answer right

Alone but never lonely


This family came to me

Not through blood or heart, but from afar
For my wailing calls met no answer

As I reached for souls so near yet beyond me
All my smattering summons, not meant to be
Yet still I heard the call, climbed the hills to see
And I changed, and I became, I paid the fee

I now find home in feelings bizarre
Epiphanies from peace’s reservoir.

This family came to me


There is no law that binds one person to one family
and there are many kinds of ‘family’
For if family is home, then even the loneliest can find home within themselves.
We can be alone, and yet never lonely.



I wrote this from a number of my favourite prompts. Please click the image captions to join in on the fun.

The deeper underlying theme on our concepts of loneliness is aligned with Reena’s xploration challenge, and the theme of family came from Caley’s writephoto.

I wrote these two combined Symetrelle poems for Colleen’s syllabic challenge. Below is the structure of a symetrelle:


Still unable to visit most of your blogs because my final round of exams is this week. I can respond to comments though so feel free to share your thoughts.

Stay safe everyone, stay loving.

79 responses to “Alone, not lonely. #Symetrelle #poetry”

    • Hey Jane, good to see you. I have not got around to some of your other comments but I’m eager to do so and will respond within this week. You can give the symetrelle a try, if you dare😎
      After this week, my next post is our collaboration post so please try to schedule it for next week Tuesday on your blog. I’ll send you a suggested topic later today.

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      • Hi Jude, OK. That is understandable. Sure, I’ll try – symetrelle form. I like to take courage. Glad to hear about the collaboration. Shall we do it on your blog? I don’t know how to do it or you explain it to me. 🙆

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      • Well, you take your time. Exams are yours first priority….. I agree with you. I too think that everyone has a different personality so I want to make it unique.


  1. Alone but not lonely is an intriguing thought especially in connection with your comment to Ingrid

    “Probably to a certain degree, though there is a distinction between comfort, and home. Reena’s video prompt mentioned each of us having different personalities. “It made me think that we may just have a whole family there within us😅”.

    I feel each of us has multiple personalities and undeniably we have a whole family within us. Mainly because from moment to moment, our feelings change. We can go from enjoying being alone to being lonely in a matter of seconds.

    Thank you for introducing me to the symetrelle form of poetry.


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    • You’re very right. Even for introverts, there must be an outlet every now and then. We can be alone most of the time but for it to be feasible, i agree we need pockets of interaction. In my own experience I find the limit for being alone before I begin craving company is roughly 10days, average is a week.

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  2. Because of all those people that we are, at different times, we may be alone but never lonely! Jude, what a lovely write encapsulating that thought and of course, the seamless weaving of all those prompts! Bravo and best of luck. 💙👍🏼

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      • As an extroverted introvert, I am very comfortable being alone. I spend many weekends alone when my son is with my ex-husband, and I rarely, if ever, feel lonely. When I want social interaction, I have a few friends I can reach out to. I live a very busy life, so I’m sure that helps as well. I embrace solitude because I enjoy my own company, especially now that I have a better handle on my anxiety. 🙂

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      • It is good to be able to enjoy one’s own company. Sometimes I look at texts or meet new people in my forays into socializing, which I’m actually quite adept at doing, but once I’m on my own, there’s this energy that fizzes through me. I think maybe because I find home in the creative industry nd I’m actively in it, and I do it best on my own.

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  3. This is beautiful, Jude. So well-crafted. I loved the tie-in to Sadje’s WDYS prompt too, very clever. Good luck with your exams. Thank you so much for joining in with #writephoto. KL ❤

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  4. i wonder how can someone became so much consistent about his work….. loved your posts😊😊😊 thanks to entertain us
    Please also check my page hope you all will love it❤❤💙

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