Voice of Inanimates #short stories #poetry

Voice of Inanimates #short stories #poetry

The voice of inanimates
The silent breath of an object only you can hear
Whispers of love stained with loss
Pulses of wonder tinged with fear
and then the Secrets
A buffet cocktailed in truths and lies
Dark and light alike

It is such secrets that came to Palina,
as she sat in an old creaking gazebo by the lake
Book, abandoned on the table
Cup, emptied but for dregs of fragrant leaves
And a glinting knife beside a crimson apple
A knife that glints as though set on fire
An apple that bleeds as though gutted from within
Yet Palina does not see this, she stares out over the lake
Her soul mesmerized on sunset’s door to twilight
And she steps through that door, to the twinkling stars and waking shadows

The book, the cup, the knife
When night descends, at last they steal her wistful attention
their cold shadows eerie in the warm beam of a gazebo lantern
And Palina feels them in her mind
For the book glares, demanding it be opened
The cup moans, insatiable for a kiss long lost
But the apple is gone
And the knife is silent

From the wind comes a new rhythm, soothing but traitorous
From the tide rises a new chorus, inching closer each time
But a jarring sound stabs through this symphony-
perhaps a snapping branch
that makes Palina fumble
The cup falls and chips at its mouth
it spills dregs upon the unopened book
And the apple rolls from beneath her seat, freshly bitten…

The wind dies down as another twig snaps, closer than before
And she glances at the knife which watches and waits
A knife that knows her darkest secret
A cup that holds the kisses of a lost lover
A book given to temper loneliness
And an apple now bitten by a stranger beyond sight
They all begin to weave their inanimate tale
Of forgotten truths and unresolved lies…


Final Part 2 coming very soon…


I scheduled this on a misty sunset earlier this week. Hope you enjoy it, and that you look forward to the final part2 which I will begin after my last examination on Sunday, and post on the last day of this month. Just a couple of days to go.

Stay safe everyone, Stay loving. Prepare for my visits after Sunday.

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