Love debate #collaboration #poetry #prose

Love debate #collaboration #poetry #prose

There is a difference between having love, and being loved
Each one is a blessing, each one a curse
At its core love is pure
It takes all and makes it work

And yet the deepest hate comes from loving
And the greatest aches from being loved
We are blessed for a moment, to be cursed for eternity
For at its core, love is simply pain
It takes all and leaves us bare

You cannot measure love with scales
You feel it in every thought
and it sings in every word and verse
You cannot have a claim on true love
Yet it comes to those who acknowledge its imperfections

Long have I pondered love’s imperfections
Cancers to my soul
For love teaches by breaking
While it withers all trust


Pure love fills life with colour
And now, you be a lover
Painting love with different shades
And so, never to use a remover

Yet darkness holds love’s perfection
and light reveals its gore
Must one feel
Or must one see…

I’ve loved in numberless forms, numberless times
And now, in life and the afterlife, I’m the prover
For as rain mingles with the river
And the river with the ocean
So too the winds of love blow forever

Alas I’ve learnt to thrive in this state of love-drought
for its rains have long betrayed me
I flee love’s coming like thunder in the distance
For the winds of love have brought me only destruction

Fine Art America

Love is the scent of flowers in a path of thorns
It must be nurtured, It must have its due

Love is the rumble of pain upon drums of celebration
It must be feared, it must be fled

For love‘s greatest teaching-
Is happiness-
from compromise

©judeitakali and Jane Aguiar

Hey everyone. Hope you enjoy this dance of thoughts between Jane Aguiar and I. I must stress that we both had positives and negatives on love but for this collab, we each had to pick a side.

Jane wrote in light-italics while I did the bold.

Looking forward to your thoughts.

Stay safe everyone, stay loving.

52 responses to “Love debate #collaboration #poetry #prose”

  1. There are many people who think that love gives pain but where there is pain there is rain of love. Love gives a little moment of happiness, sometimes that is enough to live life.
    This creation has become wonderful, Jude. Thank you once again!😊

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    • Thank you so much Lakshmi. I always think it is important to choose to look at things the way we want to only if it is a positive outlook, but while we do so, we must prepare and acknowledge that there could be a negative side. Hope for the best and prepare for the worst.

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    • Ah I almost agreed with you but then I remembered things beyond our control that would make love complex, like loving someone who doesn’t feel the same, loving in a way that’s natural to you but too much or too little to the other, losing a loved one before having lived the life you meant to live. Kindness, honesty, lies, are simple, most other types of love are simple, but romantic love is anything but, except the very rare incidents of meeting a soulmate, because frankly, I believe most ‘soulmates’ these days are made and develop through experience.
      I do understand people are complex but love can be cruel or giving regardless of whether someone is a simple or complex lover.

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