Summertime Inspirations #haibun #haiku #Tastetherainbow

Summertime Inspirations #haibun #haiku #Tastetherainbow

In my fledgling author career, I have found that summer months yield the bulk of my productivity. The summer inspires me most, so today I share just a hint of where summer can take me.

season of my mind
consolidates creations
chasing pots of gold

On the fifth day of the fifth month, I slosh from dewy spring into days of dry sun. It is ironic that heavy rains hail summer days, and cruel, that thunderstorms wipe away all traces of spring’s lingering sparkle. In ancient tradition, this was a time when the boy became a man, when the spike antlered into an elk, and the young lion-males were cast out of the pride. A time for first kills, first battles, first lovers…

paint of new summer
crimson for blood beginnings
Orion wakens

On the sixth day of the sixth moon, as proud sunflowers bask and lush wisteria bloom, I welcome mid-summer and seek the lotus of Iris; a symbolic gift for a daughter turning woman. At this time of summer solstice, I remember the crusaders who once sought to Christianize these pagan celebrations. For on this solstice, the Past shades its biased garb for revealing nudity, and I see clearly the Science of great women burnt as witches, and secrecy of young queens who sacrificed love to bring peace to their bloody realms…

mid-summer solstice
noon’s siesta abandoned
maiden voyages

On the seventh day of the seventh moon, the heat peaks, but for a lone gust of wind with cooling hints of autumn. It makes me ponder the inevitability of change, and the hope, or at times fear, that no situation is permanent. At this time the heavens are open to those who wish to divine them. It is said that amongst the stars blue is hottest, that white is warm and yellow is mellow, but coolest of all is red. So I scour the night sky for scarlets and rubies and cherries – for always in shades of red, my deepest emotions reside.

late chrysanthemums
sweet gifts of summer’s parting
festivals of fire

I chose red for Colleen’s #Tastetherainbow and wove it throughout this piece because for me, inspiration to create is directly linked to passion, and red is passion’s primary colour.


Hope you enjoy
Stay safe, stay loving.

The Saturday Symphony June edition is this weekend. Those who want to join in from last month, click HERE

42 responses to “Summertime Inspirations #haibun #haiku #Tastetherainbow”

    • Thank you so much Annette. i wanted to represent the diversity of summer’s inspiration with different directions, but also to join them into one piece linked with red and the new, mid, and late summer haiku, to show how inspiration can lead to creating something.🙏🏾🤍

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    • Haha, I wish. I actually based everything on existing myth and history and culture and some real science as well. I just added maybe one element and had my own interpretations.

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  1. Wow, beautiful shades of red and haiku on it, Jude. In colour psychology red means fire 🔥. It is a beautiful primary colour. Using these primary colours we can prepare secondary colours. For example: red + yellow – Orange 😊

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  2. It’s completely pouring buckets here as well and I’ve had a million outdoor projects that I needed to tackle. I can feel the frustration with the weather and I can 100% relate. It is stunning though!

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    • Thank you so much. Haiku are my favourite syllabic form because of their ability to convey simple and deeper messages at the same time. Prose is really fun to manipulate and I think that makes Haibun my absolute most enjoyable form. You may need to get out some umbrellas and do those utdoor activities😁

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  3. There are so many traditions in regards to colors and transitioning seasons. I enjoyed reading your interpretations.

    Granted where I am no lions seek their first kills… but summer can be a challenging time, the gift of extra daylight (Here anyway) – the rapid growth of weeds and insects that bite. And too the very human tradition of June Weddings!!

    May your summer be filled with glorious inspiration!!

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    • Haha, I too don’t have lions waiting outside my door though the game reserves and parks are always just a few hours away. Weeds and biting insects are all year round here though I must say not too many that it’s a problem. In fact I don’t remember the last time an insect bit me, excluding mosquitoes which are night time regulars. We’ve found ways to deal with those in houses but on warm nights outside, you’ll become a feast for them😅

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      • There is a tree in my yard; horse chestnut I think – (not good for horses at all) the fruit is difficult to get to, though the squirrels do manage. Some of the underdeveloped nuts have fallen. The outer shell has some oil like citronella which will repell some insects. I took a small net bag and collected some of the nuts that have fallen on the ground. I hung them near where I was working in my yard… I’m hoping it helps to keep the biters away. 🙂


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