Brand new landing page

Brand new landing page

Hi everyone,
I just created a landing page for my book Realms of the Mist.
You can go on over and have a look. It has everything you need to know; from reviews to quotes, to purchase links and excerpts as well. Plus there’s a comments section in case of any queries.
Feel very free to like, share, and refer people to it. I’ll be grateful.
Here’s the landing page on my site;

Realms of the Mist

A photo of some of the Virunga mountains from my book. In the background, known for its five jagged peaks is Kamau’s home mountain, Sabinyo

The feature image(at the top) is a tourist’s view atop Mt. Sabinyo.

If you have any recommendations on how I can improve the landing page, please share. In the not so distant future, probably next year after the 2nd book in the trilogy, I hope to add some art from elements in this contemporary fantasy(as soon as I can find a graphic designer or artist).

If you missed yesterday’s excerpts, find HERE

Hoping you are well,
Jude Itakali.

25 responses to “Brand new landing page”

  1. I love these pictures! It’s hard to find a good artist/illustrator to work with! The ones that have a good work ethic are often busy with other projects, where the one’s with less desire to work at it professionally are hard to get any kind of commitment from.

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