Growing in darkness. #poeticprose

To grow is to change. To leave behind a part of you, add something new, or discover something within.
Our greatest obstacle is ourselves. Our fears and secrets, guilt and weaknesses, perceptions and discriminations. Things we must resolve.

When we look Failure in the eye, we are told to wield a brave and sturdy gaze.
That we must cast aside the shackles of inhibition, to find our deepest inspiration.
That we must ask our most desperate questions, and accept the hardest truths.
Often easier said than done!

It is a dangerous thing to relapse into the bowels of one’s own transgressions. Dangerous but inevitable.
We seek atonement and repentance in places haunted by blame and failure. We find we can only move forward by facing our demons. A delicate skill with a double-edged blade.
For dwell too long in the darkness, and you may come to fear the light!

Beyond midnight at a secret hour, you come to a place in your mind, that’s woven in reality. You see this place in the deepest shadows of night. In heavy moonless skies and inky ocean depths. Everywhere, yet nowhere.
You come here for memory and dreams. You come to see all your ‘what-ifs’ and ‘could-bes’.
They taunt you; regrets pulsing, dreams sparkling. Forlorn lights in a sea of darkness. Hopes surrounded by fears.
And you wonder when the light became sinister and the darkness, comforting.

The light can be a scary place, when you do not know it.
You become familiar with darkness; with your depression. You’ve been there so many times and for so long that it begins to feel like home. To feel safe. You cajole fear like a scalding gemstone turned lukewarm. It is precious to you, and without it, there is no pain, no feeling, nothing! You may grow in many ways, but you’ll always keep your darkness close.

Light, like darkness, falls upon all.
In the light, we seek shadows and shades for shelter. In the dark, we find solace in light’s gleams and glows.
A part of who we are dwells in our inhibitions. Is it right then, to cast them all aside?
Another part resides in our inspirations. Is it right to fear pursuing them?
For in light we reach liberating heights. In darkness we find deepest truths.
And in acceptance, we learn to love all, and thus change all with love.


Hey everyone. Finding the right title for this was hard because it was difficult to reign in my thoughts. It is a mental awareness post even when I may have meandered a bit.

Looking forward to your thoughts. Stay safe , stay loving.

9 responses to “Growing in darkness. #poeticprose”

  1. I think the title is fitting and inspiring.

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    1. Thank you, Michaela. 🤗🤗

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  2. This is a good rendering of the spirals that can lead us away from hope. We all visit there too often. But you show the path back. (K)

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    1. Thank you, K. The way is never shut.

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  3. Jude, this is beautiful. I LOVE the painting at the end of your post. It’s stunning!

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    1. Thank you so much, Colleen. It is a beautiful painting, indeed.

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  4. This is a profound write Jude. Both light and dark have a place in our lives. But choosing one over the other is our option.


  5. Without darkness, we won’t see the light. We grow with our challenges and decisions. This is a stunning read, Jude!


  6. Wow!! Well said!!


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