Just here to connect, share and learn. I really love poetry and a good narrative.

Nature is amazing in every which way.

I love food, mostly everything except grasshoppers, which unfortunately, are a delicacy in my home country Uganda.

That’s me in black with my eaters in crime

I love to lose myself in fantasy and fiction and I also love to listen and learn from people’s real life experiences.

I love those shades too

Writing and reading takes me places I cannot be and has brought me a freedom that has evaded me for so long.

I do travel every now and then though, and I take the mike once in a while; tough crowd in this pic though. I sat down promptly.

I appreciate great photography and totally believe in empathy. I think that every story has an impact, especially when told in a right way and that’s one thing I enjoy doing; Telling these tales.

My debut publication.

I wrote, then published this lovely gem of a poetry book on May 17th 2021. Read some of the reviews on Goodreads.

I’ve just finished my debut novel and I think I have a real treat of a tale, coming March 14th 2022. Watch this space.

my debut novel

Find Pre-publication reviews for REALMS OF THE MIST here;

Email me on judeitakali@gmail.com
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28 responses to “About”

  1. Perhaps this answers my question: Your name is Jude? Tell me more about grasshoppers–as in how they are prepared (seasoned with spices?) to make them so delish? 😉 God bless you this coming week!

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      • Wow! I have heard of other countries eating things like crickets. I can’t stand insects alive so I don’t know if I could eat them dead. The few things I CANNOT eat are frogs legs, snails, and internal organs!

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      • I always like to try new foods. We have such a variety of staple foods in Uganda. You can grow almost anything, anywhere with little fuss,. So the rare things are the delicacies. I’d love trying new foods, but then again, I’m a curious soul. I’d try any food at least once. intestines/offals are also quite normal here, but only from specific animals.

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  2. Hey Jude, I don’t know how I got here but I’m so glad I did. 🙂 You have a wonderful blog. I enjoyed browsing around, reading some of your brilliant poems and mouthwatering recipes. I hope to visit more.

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