Watcher. A song, a rhyme, and a haiku

What do you see; imageprompt ring a deep gong the pupas bloom sing a sweet song a butterfly looms the feline watches brew a magic potion the branches grow wave a magic wand the treeleaves glow the feline watches utter silent prayer the spirits listen but take certain care the veil is parting the feline…

More than meets the eye

what do you see , Fearless defender Crept from dark woods, in dark times Challenging grim night Golden horn twirled in menace You glow with deadly beauty , Plush maned unicorn a blue eyed chill in your stare beacon to the weak Fireflies flock to your majesty mimicked stars from beyond veiled clouds

Love set free #poetry #haiku #tanka

Stormy gray nimbus how you struggle with emotion withholding your love ,, Listen! You can hear it in her midnight sigh a whisper of secrets from her dreams of you Close your eyes and feel it by your side the caress of fingers demanding their due Don’t think, don’t reason, alleviate your mind let soul…

Haunting #tanka #haiku

Sequestered serpent a hiss poisoned with terror ignoring vermin you slither mad with warning emissary to fear , Time’s up! dread o clock a demented silence falls washing away escape

Colours of emotion #poetry

Thirsting soul dry as desert breeze devouring indulging a lush sombrero of needs twirled brown with caution , but love lurks silent as shadows omniscient and lawless It feeds you, then feeds on you Ying and yang delight , Crazy lust dust pungent with desire A red mist with pink twist and Jasmine aphrodisiac A…

Ps and more ‘P’s

Haha, I just had to. Pete Peterson liked to pester He pummeled and papered all But one day Pete found pity Unsure, he said possible instead of the usual probable. To and fro, he paced and pondered Till pity put Pete out of the pummel and paper business Weekly challenge; word prompt: fun and quirky

Jealous Tom

Jealous Tom, Jealous Tom Oh how jealous Jealous Tom is! Crouching low, he creeps about in his own garden To his own bedroom window to spy on his own wife A jealous man he is and a beautiful wife he has No one was beyond his suspicion Neither painter nor plumber were too low a…

Tick tock

Tick tock, Mr.Slick is here To pick a lock or is he just queer Trapped or strapped, he always gets free But there is one lock Slick can’t pick One weakness to his mean business So as slippery as he may be, Only bring her out, and Mrs.Slick will make him stick

Telling tales

Tales of a bearded man Sprang forth with vigor Spitty and gritty Wet and exclaimed in fits of excitement Keep your edibles away Once the bearded man tells his tale Tales of a beardless man Plain and lacking embellishment Lacklustre in illustration and expression Keep your pillows close Once the beardless man tells his tale