The Art of human nature #etheree #poetry .

colleen’s weekly challenge photo by Willow Willers, . . Ink hide my flaws ensnare my faults adorn my secrets twist and turn them to joys Weave intricate deceptions that conceal the wares of my hands and reveal the promise of their touch Oh the beauty of your tales and fables! Won’t you help me tell…

Longing #poetry

What do you see Golden evening sun spraying magic scenes of hope a light splash of dreams how you transform the mundane seducing love from coming night , desire holds the flame of your passion aloft an offer, a wish, a promise beckoning full moon’s benevolent stare, Wont you love me forever , , #whatdoyousee

Nature's star crossed lovers #cinquain

colleen’s weekly challenge Fallen one at a time a gift between lovers from solid tree to shapeless breeze a token drifting aloof in wind’s turmoil Love, caressed and careened each leaf adorned offered

More than meets the eye

what do you see , Fearless defender Crept from dark woods, in dark times Challenging grim night Golden horn twirled in menace You glow with deadly beauty , Plush maned unicorn a blue eyed chill in your stare beacon to the weak Fireflies flock to your majesty mimicked stars from beyond veiled clouds

Love set free #poetry #haiku #tanka

Stormy gray nimbus how you struggle with emotion withholding your love ,, Listen! You can hear it in her midnight sigh a whisper of secrets from her dreams of you Close your eyes and feel it by your side the caress of fingers demanding their due Don’t think, don’t reason, alleviate your mind let soul…


what do you see . , She treks uncharted paths one princess in this giant world of men She’s armored in knowledge wielding a sword that drips with the blood of fallen foes The unjust who’ve sought her demise have succumbed to the steel of her resolve , She’s inspired by the greats that came…


what do you see photo prompt Iridescent mask a bright spectrum concealing gloom hiding insecurities Lonely colors dance naked in the wild a kaleidoscope of pretense

Fabric #Etheree #poetry

colleen’s weekly challenge Grace Prestine Oozing charm and quiet strength A silent blossom hidden within essence But beauty breeds envy an allure to both good and bad True lotus-blooms sprout from fine fabric a shield against the scorch of world’s disease

Farewell #poetry #haiku

free verse photo prompt Full moon filled with lust voyeur to love’s tet-a-tet alight with craving love untouched and pure bottled deep within her soul prisoner of fear Always it was him but she kept her secret close desire ignored traveller soon to go her passion unleashed in haste silhouetted hope special hidden place love’s…

Timeless sin #poetry

what do you see by Sadje A tale that echoes through time an age-old betrayal immortalised in stone a brother’s jealousy that festers into spite ambition red as sin The bastard son of a ruler, beloved by his father his skill unmatched in battle the pride of an empire but always second to a brother…