Left Behind

a butterfly cinquain & tanka humble the life he’d known tilling earth, sowing seeds so much work, so little reward Alone left to see all nature’s beauty sun shining with promise adventure calls life waits where does one find reprieve when their back’s bent from ceaseless labour how does one in life believe when efforts…

A Circle of Love #butterflycinquain #poetry

COLLEEN’S WEEKLY CHALLENGE; heartbreak love’s bitter risk infectious and vengeful how i long to share your despair bereft emptied of tears, haunted by fears corrupting guiltless souls tainting pure hearts love’s bane , sweet love delicious taste consuming, enthralling worth all the pain and the sorrow surreal how fragile i find your beguile soothing but…

Nature’s star crossed lovers #cinquain

colleen’s weekly challenge Fallen one at a time a gift between lovers from solid tree to shapeless breeze a token drifting aloof in wind’s turmoil Love, caressed and careened each leaf adorned offered

Skin-deep (a butterfly cinquain)

Colleen’s weekly challenge : prompt words; grace and style(synonyms only) Beauty a slick allure tempting, fleeting, grudging delicately poised within hearts charming elegantly woven with desire enchanting and ensnaring the soul’s weakness flawed disguised in veiled design thrilling yet misleading an eloquent answer to cravings obscure clouded and concealed in dreams dancing and twirling the…

Halloween Cinquain #poetry

colleen’s weekly challenge with a Hallows twist. Word prompt; dig and grave (only use synonyms) . here’s my butterfly cinquain; yeah butterflies can be creepy sometimes… Nightmare Frightful Realm Shocking, chilling, daunting Besieged, and haunted by fears Ghosts Spectres exhumed, coffins and tombs dying? living? hating! grim and cold Undead!