The Wishing Bridge

gentle searching breeze tasting this and tasting that looking to belong I grant one wish, – only your truest desire you must unsheathe, – or else my wrath I will unleash What is your heart’s deepest desire? where does the soul go when you despair ensnared within your darkest depression or when you rejoice exalted…


if we have the nerve to look, we can see in any face our own vulnerability, and also our strength belief beamed from the glint in her luscious eyes compassion glossing him in its glittering sheen a consummate belief that shook his stuttering resolve rearranging the puzzle of his mundane existence forcing all the right…

together #tanka #whatdoyousee

sly polka-dot blooms holding sumptuous secrets a tight-knit family denizen to nature’s reign one for all and all for one #whatdoyousee

haiku #3

hidden eager cricket chirping codes that decode mysteries of life