Flavored display

Colleen’s tanka challenge This week’s prompt was especially difficult for me because I’d never seen the items in the photo but thank you to willow for encouraging me and enlightening me. And to kitty for the luck. Photo by Padre’s Ramblings . Opal casks of wine succulent with mysteries red and white delights piquant berries…

Left Behind

a butterfly cinquain & tanka humble the life he’d known tilling earth, sowing seeds so much work, so little reward Alone left to see all nature’s beauty sun shining with promise adventure calls life waits where does one find reprieve when their back’s bent from ceaseless labour how does one in life believe when efforts…

Perfect love (A haibun)

colleen’s tanka tuesday, poet’s choice; slow wondering breeze lacing desire in your touch fluttering with dreams He hears the call of love, akin to its inflections of hope as it whispers, immune to intonations of conspiracy in its song, deaf to the risk of treachery in its beat. amorous lover loving too much, quick to…

More than meets the eye

what do you see , Fearless defender Crept from dark woods, in dark times Challenging grim night Golden horn twirled in menace You glow with deadly beauty , Plush maned unicorn a blue eyed chill in your stare beacon to the weak Fireflies flock to your majesty mimicked stars from beyond veiled clouds

Beautiful heartbreak #memoir #poetry

, Red solar eclipse endowed with special beauty A fleeting romance , Now and then I think of all the love i felt Bittersweet memories I do not regret and feelings I cannot forget , Buxom floral girl fragrant with nature’s perfumes frolicking in earth How you nourished my desires then left my heart to…

Love set free #poetry #haiku #tanka

Stormy gray nimbus how you struggle with emotion withholding your love ,, Listen! You can hear it in her midnight sigh a whisper of secrets from her dreams of you Close your eyes and feel it by your side the caress of fingers demanding their due Don’t think, don’t reason, alleviate your mind let soul…

Haunting #tanka #haiku

Sequestered serpent a hiss poisoned with terror ignoring vermin you slither mad with warning emissary to fear , Time’s up! dread o clock a demented silence falls washing away escape


what do you see photo prompt Iridescent mask a bright spectrum concealing gloom hiding insecurities Lonely colors dance naked in the wild a kaleidoscope of pretense

Silent night(memoir) #haibun

Silent night A dark starless hour craven owls hoot ominous notes hair stands, goosebumps flare the spirit veil is parted entities of malice breach . These are dangerous times to live in, to love in We have been forbidden and ordered apart I have chosen this night to say goodbye Desperate, we have come to…

Time will tell #tanka

freeverserevolution writing prompt; the puzzle of life guaged by fated ticks and tocks unsolved mystery some crave some dread its passing each outcome for each choice deserved