The Wishing Bridge

gentle searching breeze tasting this and tasting that looking to belong I grant one wish, – only your truest desire you must unsheathe, – or else my wrath I will unleash What is your heart’s deepest desire? where does the soul go when you despair ensnared within your darkest depression or when you rejoice exalted…

Left Behind

a butterfly cinquain & tanka humble the life he’d known tilling earth, sowing seeds so much work, so little reward Alone left to see all nature’s beauty sun shining with promise adventure calls life waits where does one find reprieve when their back’s bent from ceaseless labour how does one in life believe when efforts…

together #tanka #whatdoyousee

sly polka-dot blooms holding sumptuous secrets a tight-knit family denizen to nature’s reign one for all and all for one #whatdoyousee

More than meets the eye

what do you see , Fearless defender Crept from dark woods, in dark times Challenging grim night Golden horn twirled in menace You glow with deadly beauty , Plush maned unicorn a blue eyed chill in your stare beacon to the weak Fireflies flock to your majesty mimicked stars from beyond veiled clouds


what do you see . , She treks uncharted paths one princess in this giant world of men She’s armored in knowledge wielding a sword that drips with the blood of fallen foes The unjust who’ve sought her demise have succumbed to the steel of her resolve , She’s inspired by the greats that came…


what do you see photo prompt Iridescent mask a bright spectrum concealing gloom hiding insecurities Lonely colors dance naked in the wild a kaleidoscope of pretense

Timeless sin #poetry

what do you see by Sadje A tale that echoes through time an age-old betrayal immortalised in stone a brother’s jealousy that festers into spite ambition red as sin The bastard son of a ruler, beloved by his father his skill unmatched in battle the pride of an empire but always second to a brother…

Our Journey #poetry #prose

what do you see photo prompt by Sadje Silence. A dead silence that speaks, and whispers of dread and dismay We knew there’d be dark days on our journey but not like this; this we did not see, did not foretell Yet here we are, rowing through a carvenous doom threatened by stalactites-and-mites sharp and…

A tale of discovery #etheree

what do you see photo prompt Too long in shadow, too used, devoted clang to the black caress of darkness sheltered in its inky slipstream overcast by wilds and forests on a highway of doom quite glad to be sad… light stabs through slicing beam saving help rescue unsought kindling hope showing a path a…

Haven #poetry

what do you see photo prompt Secret oasis with gentle waves rolling dreams twilit clouds of you and me where wishes are horses free and hills seclude from prying eyes . . . #Whatdoyousee , thanks Sadje for this magical prompt